Side by Side Battery Technologies with Lithium-Ion Based Batteries

Which are the technologies that can be regarded as alternative to Li-ion batteries?

Durmus, Y. E., Zhang, H., Baakes, F., Desmaizieres, G., Hayun, H., Yang, L., Kolek, M., Küpers, V., Janek, J., Mandler, D., Passerini, S., Ein-Eli, Y. (2020) Side by Side Battery Technologies with Lithium-Ion Based Batteries. Adv. Energy Mater. 10, 2000089.

Considering contemporary discussion of a “post Li battery era”, leading experts in the field of batteries and supercapacitors from Israel and Germany met to discuss what technologies might succeed Li batteries. Their conclusion, recounted in this paper, was that while new technologies will be required to fulfil cost and sustainability needs, Li-ion batteries will still have an essential role to play for many years to come. It is, therefore, a mistake to refer to a “post Li battery era”.

Instead of aiming to replace Li-ion batteries, the development of a range of battery technologies should be pursued “side-by-side” with Li-ion batteries, seeking multi-technology applications and hybridisations to solve specific existing and emerging challenges associated with cost and sustainability.

The full report can be found here.